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Orchids are one of the most beautiful and diverse plant families in the world. With their elegant beauty and breathtaking variety, they can enchant any room. If you plan to buy orchids, you should pay attention to quality and variety when choosing.

About Großräschen orchids

We, Großräschener Orchids, are proud to be a well-known and reputable supplier of high-quality orchids, an excellent choice for all orchid lovers. Our nursery offers an impressive collection of rare and exotic orchids, which are cared for and bred with all our experience. We deliver plants of the highest quality and offer fast and safe shipping.

Why you should buy orchids from Großräschener Orchids

Highest quality

At Großräschener Orchids you can be sure that you will only receive the highest quality orchids. All plants are grown and carefully selected under optimal conditions with all our experience. Numerous customers confirm this high quality with their reviews.

Rare and exclusive varieties

At Großräschener Orchideen we offer an impressive selection of rare and exclusive orchids. From classic varieties such as Phalaenopsis to exotic and rare species such as Bulbophyllum, Dracula or Dendrobium, there is an extensive and diverse selection available to you.

Fast and safe shipping

We offer fast and safe shipping. Your orchids will be carefully packaged and delivered directly to your door with DHL, so you can be sure they will arrive in perfect condition. During the cold season, we adapt our packaging to the conditions and, if necessary, also use heat packs.

Easy payment with Paypal

With Großräschener Orchids buying orchids is easy and convenient. You can pay for your order quickly and securely with Paypal, so you can buy your orchids without stress or complications.

Buying orchids: What you should consider

There are some important points to consider when buying orchids. Here are some tips to ensure you make the right choice:

  1. Choose the right type: There are thousands of different types of orchids, and each has its own specific needs and requirements. Before purchasing an orchid, you should research the specific needs of the species you have chosen that suits your circumstances.
  2. Pay attention to the quality: A healthy orchid has plump, lush green leaves and strong roots. Make sure the plant shows no signs of disease or pests.
  3. Check the location: Orchids require varying levels of light or humidity. You should provide your plants with the best possible conditions so that they grow well.
  4. Care: Orchids require special care to stay healthy and beautiful. Make sure you know and are able to provide the proper care for your orchid. At Großräschener orchids, we offer you instructions on how to care for each plant (light, moisture, rest and flowering time, fertilizer, sizes).


If you are planning to buy orchids, then Großräschener Orchids is the perfect choice for you. With our extensive and impressive selection of high-quality orchids, Großräschener Orchideen offers an incomparable shopping experience. So, why wait? Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of orchids and experience the joy that these beautiful plants can bring to your home.

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